To train men here at MVBC, and abroad in Kenya, Uganda and Canada to be godly servant-minded leaders with a comprehensive theological knowledge.

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Encouraging devotions and leadership principles

The Battle Tested Servant

My brothers, at times we may find ourselves in the most difficult circumstances. We have an enemy who hates us beyond measure, and whose goal is to steal, kill and destroy. So don’t be surprised when you find yourself in a difficult and maybe a dreadful way.

The Humble Tenderhearted Leader

In my early years of ministry, I was fortunate to hear a message from an older preacher from 1 Kings 3:5–10. It was a prayer offered to God by the young King Solomon. When you read the following biblical text, notice the tender and humble heart of this young leader. 

Welcome to the MLI Blog

Welcome My Brothers!

Welcome to the MLI Leadership Blog! It is here that we will periodically be posting encouraging devotions and leadership principles. Our desire is to post articles that can give you some spiritual encouragement and insight. Thanks for checking out this blog, and may you be fully rejoicing in the grace that has been given to you!

For His Praise,
Pastor Mark