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Cultivating Your Relationships!

Dear brothers & sisters, take time to nurture your relationships! First and foremost is with your God, and then in your marriage and family.

If you can, find a quiet place of rest, and turn off the noises of this world!

Take special time with Your God who has wooed you to Himself! It is He who first loved you! It is He who has called you to Himself and made you His child. He chose you in Christ to be his own, even before the creation of this world! You are elect, chosen, precious and forgiven by His loving grace and for His purposes, not your own. And the greatest of these purposes is to grow in your love for Him! Cultivate your life as he cultivates your heart! Spend time in His word and in prayer. Be at rest, read, listen, and pray while sitting at His feet learning His ways.

The Battle Tested Servant

My brothers, at times we may find ourselves in the most difficult circumstances. We have an enemy who hates us beyond measure, and whose goal is to steal, kill and destroy. So don’t be surprised when you find yourself in a difficult and maybe a dreadful way.