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Cultivating Your Relationships!

Dear brothers & sisters, take time to nurture your relationships! First and foremost is with your God, and then in your marriage and family.

If you can, find a quiet place of rest, and turn off the noises of this world!

Take special time with Your God who has wooed you to Himself! It is He who first loved you! It is He who has called you to Himself and made you His child. He chose you in Christ to be his own, even before the creation of this world! You are elect, chosen, precious and forgiven by His loving grace and for His purposes, not your own. And the greatest of these purposes is to grow in your love for Him! Cultivate your life as he cultivates your heart! Spend time in His word and in prayer. Be at rest, read, listen, and pray while sitting at His feet learning His ways.

Don't run from God pursuing the cares of this life,

run to the One who truly cares for your life!

He will never stop pursuing you and wooing you! You are worth too much to Him! He has already purchased you by His blood! While we cared nothing for him, he cared everything for us, and now that we are in a new covenant relationship with him, we know his love will never fail us! For nothing in all creation can separate us from His everlasting love!

Husbands sit together in the quiet with your wife, listening to her is what she needs from you. Not talking, but listening and hearing as she shares her life with you, both the trials and the graces. Listening, loving, caring, nurturing, praying and wooing her, just as the Lord does with you!

Wives, listen to your husbands also, he needs your understanding and respect. Both of you, because you are one, need to pray together, love together, embrace each other for who you are. Let your loving relationship be fanned into flames continually.

Invite the Holy Spirit to stir your first love for each other!

Remember, your time with your spouse is far more important than the demands and pleasures of the day! And those demands and pleasures can be your enemy, which cause you to live separate lives, which will pull you further apart. If the soil of your heart’s love is not cultivated, it becomes hard and the weeds of busy-ness take over! Let the Lord of the harvest rid your heart of the weeds of this life and till the hardness of your heart, until it is ripe with love.

Cultivate love!

Let the time with your spouse be far more than a mere moment set aside on your calendar!

Fully enjoy and nurture the greatest grace on this side of heaven and that is your marriage covenant.

Fall deeper and deeper in love! Model it, let your children see it and experience it in your family!

Fathers and mothers take time with your little children; don't let the American dream fool you! To be in love with this world’s treasures is to ignore your greatest treasures of all, your children. Hold them while you can! Read to them the amazing stories of Jesus! Let them grow in grace as you lead and nurture them. Nourish them; teach them to fall in love with you, just as you are falling in love with Christ! Take them with you on your walks, go at their pace, as God goes at yours, let them enjoy the wonders of creation! Let them experience God's graces of life.

Do not hinder them from falling deeper in love with you! Woo them as Christ woos you!

Display to them the greatest command of all, to love the Lord your God with everything you have;

that is your whole being!

All of this is a reflection of our God who is ALL about covenant relationships.

My brothers and sisters, continue to fall in love with your Gracious God! He has created and placed you in the heavenly places in Christ, this environment or field as you could call it, is cultivated and ripe for harvest!

We love Him, because he first loved us! His Love will never fail, so all that matters in our lives is faith expressing itself through love! The love of God be with you all!!! Amen!

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