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Big Brothers

by Pastor Mark Fisher

November 15, 2016

My big brother was a beast, or at least I thought so when I was a boy. He was six years older and six times bigger than me! And unfortunately, I was his favorite guinea pig! He was also very devoted to experimentation; he would lay awake developing new methods of torment. Well maybe not, but to a ten year old runt it sure seemed like it. 

The best thing going for me was my mouth, for it was quite skilled, easily matching that of a sailor in his prime. I was always amazed at how fast my cultured comments would infuriate my big brother. Fortunately, as I grew my sprinting and hiding skills also improved. My only problem was I would eventually need food and water. My big brother was quite savvy to this, and agonizingly, payback always came in one form or another.

One summer day brings back a very funny memory. I recall running from him, as if my life depended on it; and as my brother was chasing me he missed the 90 degree turn into our house. I had easily navigated the doorway and locked it, and feeling secure had peeked out the window. What did I see? My brother sprawled on his back holding his head and my mom’s large clay pot lay in pieces. Being as intelligent as I was, I immediately discerned that my brother had smashed my mom’s huge clay flower pot with his head. It had been hanging from the eave next to the doorway. Talk about providence, I almost devoted my life to horticulture (gardening) at that moment!

Anyway, this love/torment relationship continued well into my teens, or until I was able to inflict pain also. We both grew up. He went on to college and then the Army, while I struggled to find my identity. My identity came in the person of Christ! He saved me from my sin. In time I had the privilege of introducing my big brother to Christ; he received Him.

Now we both love to share our childhood stories, and laugh till it hurts. Yes, I am thankful for my big brother!

May each of us enjoy our family and memories this Thanksgiving.

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