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The Law of What?

by Pastor Mark Fisher

July 11, 2017

Man, I had it all in control or at least I felt like I did. You know the feeling; young, strong, free and independent with not a real care in the world. Anyway, it was my excuse for the heavy foot on the gas pedal of my sporty Fiat. Well, that was the pleasant feeling I had until I saw the Sheriff approaching me in the oncoming lane. My feelings were about to change, and quite quickly.

For some reason, I did not like to think that there was the principle of sowing and reaping. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap,” Galatians 6:7. I was about to be quickly reminded of this law as the Sheriff turned on his strobe lights with the intention of pulling me over. Well, I had been enjoying the sowing part and was determined to avoid the reaping part of this principle, so I stomped on the gas pedal and made my way down a side road, thus avoiding that law.

First, I had to run through a rural stop sign to get to the side road. Second, I had to find another road where I could pull in the woods and hide. At this juncture, stupidity further took hold of my mind and I turned down a dry gravel road to find that it was a dead end. The dust trail led the law right to me. I knew I was caught; I got out and sat on the hood waiting for the sheriff. When he arrived I admitted my guilt and obvious stupidity. He took some pity on me, but I reaped! It was the second part of that law that I thought could be avoided!

Fortunately, in a few short years I reaped again, but it was a very different kind of reaping. I would be confessing my sins and confessing Jesus as my one and only savior. By faith in Jesus I reaped the forgiveness of sins and a new life in my Lord. Folks, that was another law at work, the law of love!

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