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Mmm, Contentment

by Pastor Mark Fisher

November 13, 2017

Oh boy was I full! A 10 year old kid who had just eaten his fill of turkey and potatoes. Not only that, my mom had served me up a piece of her famous pumpkin pie, a half a pie at that!

Thanksgiving Day was a special time in our home. Of course, we had the usual break from school. Snow was covering the ground so we could go sledding if we liked or even skating as ice was now on the lake. And to top it all off, a turkey was roasting in the oven, tantalizing our taste buds when we chose to come inside to watch some football.

My mother was one of those Iowa-raised farm girls that knew how to cook from birth. She never raised a daughter but had three boys who all knew how to eat just like their dad. Man, could we pack it away! For the five of us the turkey usually weighed over 20 lbs. (my favorite turkey portion was the last part over the fence) and she always made enough pumpkin pie for each of us to have at least half a pie.

I especially remember that one Thanksgiving when I was 10. I was so full that after the meal I placed myself face down between two chairs so my belly could hang down and be relieved of as much pressure as possible. Mmm, I was a bit miserable but very content anyway!

Often as human beings we struggle with contentment. The Bible speaks of being full of contentment and thankfulness. Psalm 69:30 states, “I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Occasionally, when things are difficult we fall into the trap of thanklessness. It is the Lord Jesus who can raise our spirits to the place of thankfulness. We mustn’t ever forget that He left His contented heavenly home in order for us to have true contentment and gratitude in His Father.

Well, I got over my full tummy that Thanksgiving, and to this day many years later I still thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving Day. “Now, thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ…” 2 Corinthians 2:14. By the way, the tail is still my favorite portion! Mmm, contentment!

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